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2023 AGO Certification Exam Repertoire - Associateship

American Guild of Organists
Professional Certification Organ Repertoire - Associateship

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Associateship - List A, List B, List C, List D

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   LIST A Choose which edition of Daquin
Noels (organ) - d'Aquin, Louis Claude - Alfred K03368 OhioStock: 1 USD $12.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Nouveau livre de Noels (organ) - d'Aquin, Louis Claude - Lyrebird LBMP-25 USD $35.00(*)
Noels (organ) - Dandrieu, Jean-Francois - Alfred K03366 USD $10.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Complete Organ Works - Tunder, Franz - Breitkopf EB8825 USD $45.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ Works, Vol. 3 (Chorales H-M) - Walther, Johann - Breitkopf EB8680 USD $49.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Samtliche Orgelwerke, Band III - Buxtehude, Dietrich - Breitkopf EB6663 USD $35.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ and Keyboard Works, Vol. 4 - Frescobaldi, Girolamo - Barenreiter BA08415 USD $55.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
   New Cantando Music edition:
Pieces d'Orgue (The Organ Masses) - Couperin, Francois - Lyrebird LBMP–001 USD $55.00(*)
   LIST B (Choose which edition of BWV 536 and 538):
Organ Works, Vol. 5 (Preludes, Toccatas, Fantasias & Fugues I) - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Barenreiter BA05175 USD $40.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ Works, Vol. 2 (Preludes & Fugues) - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Breitkopf EB8802 OhioStock: 1 USD $35.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
   Choose which edition of Sonatas:
Organ Works, Vol. 7 (Six Sonatas) - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Barenreiter BA05177 OhioStock: 1 USD $36.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ Works, Vol. 5 (Sonatas, Concerti) - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Breitkopf EB8805 USD $37.50 (20% disc may apply)(*)
   Choose which edition of BWV 659:
Organ Works, Vol. 2 (Leipzig Chorales) - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Barenreiter BA05172 OhioStock: 1 USD $43.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ Works, Vol. 8 (Leipzig Chorales) - Bach, Johann Sebastian - Breitkopf EB8808 USD $35.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
The Complete Organ Works, Series I.1 - Franck, Cesar - Leupold WL600096 USD $41.00(*)
12 Choral Preludes on Gregorian Chant (organ) - Demessieux, Jeanne - Alfred 0603 OhioStock: 2 USD $6.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Variations on America & Adeste Fidelis (organ) - Ives, Charles - Fischer 153-00259 OhioStock: 1 USD $11.99 (20% disc may apply)(*)
   Choose which edition of Reger:
12 Stücke op. 59, Heft 1 (organ) - Reger, Max - Carus 52.859/00 USD $30.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
12 Pieces, Op. 59 (organ) - Reger, Max - Breitkopf EB8510 USD $30.50 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ Works - Brahms, Johannes - Hal Leonard 51481368 USD $30.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Organ Works, Vol. 1 - Paine, John Knowles - Leupold WL600038 USD $26.50(*)
Three Psalm Preludes, Set 2 (organ) - Howells, Herbert - Hal Leonard 14015553 USD $25.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Toccata, Villancico e Fuga (organ) - Ginastera, Alberto - Hal Leonard 48009772 USD $22.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Toccata on Veni Emmanuel (organ) - Hailstork, Adolphus - Canticle Dis 5122 USD $9.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Prelude, Adagio-Choral varie sur le Veni Creator (organ) - Durufle, Maurice - Hal Leonard 50560410 USD $24.95 (20% disc may apply)(*)
O Antiphon Sequence (organ) - McDowall, Cecilia - Oxford 9780193522947 USD $16.50 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Toccata (organ) - Mushel, Georgi - Oxford 9780193756014 USD $12.25 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Miroir (organ) - Wammes, Ad - Hal Leonard 48019466 USD $22.99 (20% disc may apply)(*)
Suite No. 1 for Organ - Price, Florence - Classical Voca CN19 OhioStock: 2 USD $30.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)
African-American Organ Music Anthology 1 - Terry, Mickey - Canticle Dis 10-545 USD $16.00 (20% disc may apply)(*)

(*) Prices subject to change

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